CAMAC® Platform Armour

Supplementing our leading military vehicle integration capability, we also design and manufacture ultra-lightweight composite CAMAC® Platform Armour.

Suitable for land, sea and air platforms, CAMAC® armour is up to 50% lighter than the equivalent steel protection. CAMAC® armour is designed to meet customer specific requirements and is available as spall liner, appliqué armour, semi-structural armour or fully integrated composite survivability capsules.


CAMAC® Spall Liner

  • Improves crew and platform survivability through the mitigation of behind armour effects
  • Increases coverage by reducing fixing points and greatly reduces installation time
  • Enhanced ultimate protection when combined with CAMAC® Appliqué or Structural armour


CAMAC® Applique Armour

  • Suitable for new platforms and/or upgrades
  • Extreme light weight multi-hit protection solutions for STANAG 4569 Levels 2 to 6a
  • Up to 50% lighter than equivalent steel solution
  • Patented encapsulation system giving maximum protection, multi-hit capability and reduced mass


CAMAC® Semi-Structural Armour

  • Fully customisable weapons station design service
  • Multi-hit performance at extreme low weight
  • Lowers vehicle centre of gravity – increasing stability and agility
  • Patented encapsulation technology


CAMAC® Composite Survivability Capsules

  • Key weight reduction enabler, up to 50% lighter than equivalent steel solution
  • Custom designed to integrate with unique platform requirements
  • Field upgradable armour via modular CAMAC® appliqué packages to provide outstanding protection