NP Aerospace has 90 years of experience, providing high strength, light weight, fatigue resistant products manufactured from the world’s most advanced composite materials.

Our business is split into three differentiated operational sectors:

Advanced Armour Systems
Our Advanced Armour Systems business is a world leader is developing high performance ultra-lightweight protection for platform and personnel.  The business is divided into three world leading armour brands:

LASA® Soldier Systems
Our ultra-lightweight suite of Lightweight Armoured Soldier Architecture (LASA®) personal protection products provides outstanding ballistic protection at the lowest weight.  Our portfolio is split into three sectors:
•    LASA® Helmets, formed using our advanced hybrid composite technology to deliver outstanding ballistic and blunt trauma protection at the lowest weight
•    LASA® Body Armour, delivering lightweight protection against a range of threats from NIJ Level III to special armour-piercing ammunition, covert, standalone and in-conjunction with soft armour plates are available
•    LASA® Ballistic Shields, available in a range of sizes to deliver ultra-lightweight

Silverback® Bomb Suits
Through integrating leading edge materials and world class garment engineering, our Silverback® bomb suits combine maximum protection with class leading ergonomic performance.  The Silverback® bomb suit portfolio includes three variants for different operational requirements:
•    Silverback® 4020 Elite maximum protection bomb disposal suit
•    Silverback® 3020 Elite search suit for EOD search in a high threat environment
•    Silverback® 2010 de-mining apron and legs for lightweight, flexible de-mining protection

CAMAC® Platform Armour
Engineered using a unique combination of advanced ceramic and structural composite materials, our high performance multi-hit CAMAC® armour weighs up to 50% less than equivalent steel products.

We have extensive engineering capability to design complete custom composite armour systems to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our armour systems are tailored to the requirements of the threat, the individual platform and its operational duties. Our capabilities include:

•    CAMAC® spall liners for enhanced crew protection
•    CAMAC® appliqué armour systems for vehicle and other platforms
•    CAMAC® ultra-light semi-structural armour systems for protected weapon stations and other applications
•    CAMAC® composite survivability pods for light patrol vehicles

Vehicle Systems and Services
Located at our specialist military vehicle integration site in Coventry, our Vehicle Systems and Services business has designed over 800 Mastiff family vehicles, including the Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound and Buffalo platforms and are currently delivering Post Design Services to the Mastiff fleet for the UK MoD.

Our prestigious military vehicle integration history, along with our cutting edge armour design and state of the art facilities allow us to deliver OEM agnostic military vehicle integration, upgrades, post-design, spares and through life support services.

Commercial Composites
Further to our extensive defence portfolio, NP Aerospace also delivers complete high performance turnkey composite solutions for applications in the medical, transport, aerospace and energy markets.  Our facility includes; design & FEA, composite presses, autoclave ovens, robot mounted 5 axis water jet cutter and paint shop.  We also have a CMM room and an extensive test and validation laboratory.  
As a consequence of our long standing composite experience, we support customers in the design, development and production readiness of their product in the most challenging of timescales.
tion readiness of their product in the most challenging of timescales.