Ballistics Centre of Excellence

Our on-site independently audited UKAS accredited Ballistics Centre of Excellence keeps us at the forefront of armour technology.  This extensive test facility includes a range of equipment available to us enables extensive research and development for developing cutting edge composite armour and commercial products, as well as the ongoing verification of production accuracy.

NP Aerospace Ballistic Testing Facility

Some of our capabilities include;

  • Ballistic firing range
    • For threats ranging from 5.56mm to 14.5mm at velocities of 250ms to 1650ms.15 %
    • Utilisation of 2x high speed cameras for detailed analysis
  • Instron Tensile Testing
  • Repetitive Loading Rig used for fatigue testing
  • Impact Test equipment for BS6658 validation
  • LK Automated CMM Inspection Table:
  • OGP Optical Gauging Machine: Visual inspection
  • X-Ray: Crack/Defect Detection and Inclusion monitoring capability

Environmental (Humidity/Temperature) Testing chamber